RTM Frequently Asked Questions

About RTMs

What is an RTM?

RTM stands for Ready to Move. The home/cottage is built on our site and then moved as one unit to your site upon completion.

What are the advantages of building an RTM rather than building on site?

Several advantages include:

  • A shorter time frame, improved project management, cost efficiency and worry free environment
  • We can start building the RTM while your foundation is constructed, allowing for a more time efficient build
  • We have a Project Manager that oversees all the RTM construction to ensure the highest level of quality goes into your RTM. The Project Manager also lines up our trades so there is no downtime
  • We strive to make the RTM building process as worry free as possible for you by letting us do the work
  • Minimal disruption and displacement when upgrading your home. If you are looking to replace the home you’re currently in, an RTM is your solution. We can build and fully finish your new home at our location. Then when it’s nearing completion, your current home can be demolished, foundation upgraded, and then we’ll ship your new home to its new foundation. Total time for this phase can be done inside of 6 weeks. This means you’re out of the old house and into the new house very quickly vs traditional builds could take up to a year with you having to live somewhere else.
Will the walls crack during the move?

Each RTM may have some minor cracks in the drywall from moving. These cracks will not affect the structure of the home/cottage; they are strictly cosmetic.
As soon as reasonably possible, the service department will repair and repaint as necessary once the RTM has been delivered.

What is the maximum size that an RTM can be built?

All dimensions and layouts are unique to each home and should be reviewed with our sales team. For shipping, the house cannot be wider than 38 feet to the eaves. Any other modification can be accommodated.

What is the maximum distance you can ship an RTM?

We can have it shipped anywhere within Alberta and Saskatchewan with appropriate road infrastructure.

About Construction and Transport

Do I need to choose from your plans or can I bring in a custom plan?

We can build from our plans or one you provide! We encourage our customers to bring their own ideas when meeting with the RTM sales staff. We have plans on file but you are not limited to those. We are a custom builder – from start to finish!

What are my basement/foundation options?

There are three options with concrete pile or screw pile foundations:

  • Crawlspace
  • Full basement

Preserved Treated Wood, Concrete, or ICF block can be used on each type.

Can we contract out the foundation ourselves and what would be required if we choose to do so?

Yes, you can contract out the foundation yourselves. If a turnkey option is not selected or a possibility, we are unable to offer any recommendations for trades or companies. We will provide a set of blueprints for the main floor and the target ship day that the foundation will need to be ready for, but in this case we cannot provide further support.

Can we have the RTM done only to the Lock Up stage and moved to site?

The RTM must be constructed to have full exterior coverings/lock up and boarded drywall in order to ship. This level of completion is required for the New Home Warranty to be valid.

Can Beaver Homes take care of the foundation build and plumbing and Heating?


Can an attached garage be added?

A garage can be added at any stage of construction. Depending on the plan and build schedule, the most common options are building it attached to the home or on-site after the move.

Where is the mechanical room?

Dependent on floor plan and foundation. Typically the mechanical equipment will go in the basement or crawl space.

Where is the washer/drier located?

Depends on floor layout and customer preference.

What is the warranty?

A 10-year Alberta New Home Warranty is offered on every build.

When will my RTM arrive? What can cause the arrival date to change?

We do our best to give you an approximate move date; however, several factors such as road bans, weather, and site conditions/readiness may contribute to scheduling changes.
Nearing the end of the build, your salesperson will contact you regarding the move date and any changes.

About Pricing and Finances

What does the price include for an RTM?

A standard RTM package will be fully finished on the interior/exterior from main floor up.
Pricing does not include foundation, shipping, mechanical, or utility services connections.

If price doesn’t include foundation or shipping, how much is a foundation and shipping?

Shipping will vary based on distance, height, and square feet of the RTM. It is best quoted at the time of purchase.
Foundation or Basement options vary widely based on building materials and method selected.

What taxes will apply to my purchase?

Just like all goods and services, GST (General Sales Tax) will apply. In addition, PST (Provincial Sales Tax) will apply at the rate based on the delivery destination of the RTM. For example, Saskatchewan has a PST rate of 6%. An RTM being delivered into Saskatchewan will be assessed 6% PST.

How much of a down-payment is required and what does it get me?

For RTM – If completed by us, a down-payment of 20% of the house and 10% of the foundation is required. This will start the foundation and prep the RTM for moving.

For Pre-sold – A down-payment of 20% of the total contract is required in order to begin construction. The rest will be progress draws, however we offer other flexible payment methods as well.

For a completed RTM, how much of a deposit is required and what does it get me?

A $5,000 deposit is required to put a hold on the sale of any built RTM while finances are completed and approved, -OR- $5,000 is required to start a custom new home project.

Do you have a preferred lender?

We are willing to work with any lender. We have a preferred vendor that we work with and can discuss those details with you during the financing process.

Do you offer appliance packages?

They can be included as an allowance in the purchase agreement.

Are the furnace and hot water tank included in the price?

No, they need to be sized appropriately to the completed build including the basement. We can install a furnace and hot water tank for you after the complete build has been reviewed with our sales team, but the units themselves are not included in the package price.

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