A Canadian Home Building Tradition


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On November 17, 2022, the Taylor Creek III, our largest RTM to date, was moved from our manufacturing yard to the destination of its proud owners. Check out this fantastic video of its journey! (Sound plays immediately)

What are Beaver Homes & Cottages?

Beaver Homes & Cottages is the name of a materials package program created by Beaver Lumber, a building materials supplier that was founded in 1906. The program consists of materials-only packages that describe basic finishing options to build your dream home. If you have toured our main Beaver Homes & Cottages website, all of the prices you see there are for those material packages. However, at Home Hardware Building Centre Lloydminster, we’ve expanded our Beaver Homes & Cottages program with enriched options and a more streamlined process.


Beaver Homes & Cottages was a materials package program created by Beaver Lumber which was a leading supplier of building materials in Canada for over 90 years. When Home Hardware Stores Ltd. purchased Beaver Lumber in 2000, we adopted the Beaver Homes & Cottages program and kept the name.

Though much has changed and the diversity of home construction has grown, the promise remains the same: Provide Canadians with exceptional plans, materials, and services to customize homes and cottages that last for generations.

In the original program, all Beaver Homes & Cottages material packages are set up to contain materials, blueprints, insurance, and 4 point guarantee of: Design, Quality, Price, and Quantity. All you need is labour and land!

You can tour the Beaver Homes & Cottages website where you will find additional information for your desired build. We also offer in-house drafting and design for any changes or alterations you want to make on any of our plans.

Beaver Homes & Cottages: To Go (RTM Division)

We wanted to make the building process for you even easier, so we now offer the option to fully construct and finish your dream home for you!

With our RTM option, we can build your home customized to you. Once you have chosen your perfect plan, we can then build locally which allows for faster construction and cost savings. These homes and cottages are then delivered fully wired, plumbed, insulated, shingled, built to code and completely finished so all you need to do is move in. Additionally we offer the option to build an on-site basement or foundation saving you that additional step. As an additional bonus offer, if your house is selected to be a Show Home Special built right at our store, you’re eligible for free upgrades and cash bonus! See a Beaver Homes & Cottages consultant for more details!

Beaver Homes & Cottages: Showhomes

Come down and see the feature model being built in our parking lot! We choose unique and interesting plans to showcase what a Beaver Home or Cottage can be. Like what you see? Sign up to be notified when a showhome model becomes available for sale, or build one of your own with the changes you’d like!

Why build a Beaver Home or Cottage?

With a proven track record and over 50 years experience, you can trust in us–you will be getting a beautifully, quality built custom home you’ve always wanted.

In addition to your build you’ll automatically become eligible for our Prestige Program. This entitles you to a special Welcome Home Gift basket featuring a host of Home Hardware gifts and products that will make move-in and unpacking a breeze. We know buying and building your home was just the first step in the journey. That’s why we will also open up a personal account for you at Home Hardware Building Centre for 1 year with a 10% discount on all purchases. It’s a little thank you from us to help you make your house a home and get your yard set up the way you’d like.

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